Alphabet Meme

Lara on Math4Knitters declined to tag anyone, so I'll continue as one of her self-nominated tagees :-) and you can tag yourself when you get to T here, if you like!

A- Available or Single.
Nope, taken.

B- Best Friend
Debbie (blogless, though, but a terrific crocheter!). But we're in different towns now, and I know I need a LBF (local best friend). Some day, it will happen. I can be patient (really!)

C- Cake or Pie
Pie -- mine or my mothers, not storebought. If not one of those two, then please serve it with heavy cream :-) Otherwise, cake with LOTS of frosting. It's all about the frosting, right?

D- Drink of Choice
Tea. Lots and lots of tea. Civilized (in a teapot) or fast-food (in a bag). Hot and ready. Preferrably with a little milk. I get my tea here and here.

E- Essential Item
Fiber and spindle. The feel of fiber keeps me sane!

F- Favorite Color
Purple. Though my favorite colorway shifts depending on what's going on around me. Marine tones are great for calming, Fire tones for energizing.

G- Gummi Bears or Worms
Bleh. How about a nice crunchy cookie? Or, if we're at the movie theatre, it has to be popcorn, extra butter!

H- Hometown
Oh boy. We moved just as I was a tween, so this is hard. Ashland MA, or Monument CO. Either works. I love seeing my roots in England, south of London, but we left there when I was 15 months old (on leapday, 1968!). And I lived in San Jose CA and Alameda CA enough to make them feel like home too. Now, it's Port Angeles WA.

I- Indulgence
PMS-self-pity. And Chocolate -- which reduces the first one :-)

J- January or February
January, it's time to kick in the new day timer!

K- Kids
My raison d'etre - Nik and Nat. I'd not be where and what I am now if not for them!

L- Life is incomplete without
Sunshine. That can really make my day. Humor, mine or anyone else's also helps alot!

M- Marriage Date
5 September. It was Labor Day!

N- Number of Siblings?
Two. And they live over 1000 miles away. Enough said?

O- Oranges or Apples?
Yes! I love a ripe-ripe orange, and Gala or Pink Lady apples are yummy. I always take some to shows, as the change in diet from home cooking to cafeteria/restaurant fare throws my tummy for a loop!

P- Phobias/Fears
Persecution, Penury, Pain. (We're on the letter P, right? LOL)

Q- Favorite Quote
Hope is the thing with feathers -- Emily Dickinson.

R- Reasons to smile
See E, K, L!

S- Season
Summer! Warmth and long days here in northern Washington.

T- Tag Three People
You, you and you. Seriously, I don't want to stuff too much into the internet -- so if you want to self tag, then do it!

U- Unknown Fact About Me
Well, you already read this, right? So, here's a new one. The street my street is on (I live on Upland Lane, which is at the end of Ahlvers Street) has its name spelled differently on every single street sign -- Ahlvers, Alhvers, and Alvhers! Now, how did that happen?

W- Worst Habit
Procrastination. Like, why am I doing this when I need to be doing my son's class's book orders? hehehe.

Y- Your Favorite Foods
Ahhhh. I've been undergoing a transformation in the last two years, from "live to eat" mode to "eat to live" mode. Which means letting go of alot of favorites. Now, my main splurge is really, really good, really, really, dark chocolate -- 70% Cocoa Lindt Bars are my stocked-up treat in the cereal cupboard (shhh don't tell anyone!)

Z- Zodiac

I wonder where this meme started? Maybe I should go track that down now (you're thinking about the letter W, aren't you?) ....


Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

Hey! why no V and X? (yes, I'm still stuck in W ...). Anyone have a suggestion? I'm going to work on those book orders and thing about it!

Plain(s)feminist said...

Hey, Amelia!
This link has a link to the origin of the meme:

Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

Thanks! I followed that back 3-4 more interviews and guess what ... I found V and X!! So here they are in all their glory ...

V- Vegetable You Hate
"Hate"s pretty strong, isn't it? With the whole "eat-to-live" conversion, I'll eat pretty much any vegetable. If you slice them up and cook them, pretty much anything works. Especially with alot of freshly ground pepper (grin!)

X- X-rays You've Had
Dental, the usual. My left index finger, in high school, trying out for basketball, turned out I "chipped the growth plate" -- didn't make the team. My ankles, high school cross country -- turned out my muscles were too big for their casings?? Sheesh. Sensibly, my parents didn't let them cut them open, they just cut me back on the weights and running. I wasn't Olympian material, so in the end it wasn't a big loss!

(for the full alphabet, see this one:

and ... drum roll ... I did the book orders! yay!