Getting more out of Motorized Drum Carders...

Wow! Someone pointed me to the elsacard, here: . That's a neat machine; I heard about it, but I think this photo is new.

The Elsa-Card looks like a simplified version of the Rover, another heavy table-top machine (it weighs in at 350 lbs do I know? I have one [vbg]). The Rover does produce roving, onto a "bump" (wound around a paper core) or loose. I thought about getting a Duncan to bridge the gap between my Supercarder and my Rover (for larger batts), but decided not to only because the Duncan (though wide enough!) doesn't have as many drums as the Supercarder. With 3 drums, I'm getting enough carding in one pass that a second pass is often superfluous. But I'd really love to be able to get bigger batts.

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