Holiday Travels

Wow! it's been a crazy week and I sure lost track of emails with the kids getting antsier as Christmas approached. They are off to their Dad's for Christmas, which means DH and I are off to the east coast for me to meet (for the first time FTF) his parents. I'm _definitely_ taking spinning and knitting with me to keep me calm!

Found the whorls n' whimsies spindle with its fine wool sample, I figure at the laceweight singles I'm spinning on it, it should last for as much spinning I care to do, LOL; and remembered that I usually take my drawer-pull support spindle and the pill-bottle cotton and dryer lint project on plane trips, so that's there too.

I remember someone asked about spinning dryer lint -- a while back, I had new purple-red towels, and saved the dryer lint for about the first 4 months of their washings. Lovely shade of purple! Just to be "out there", I carded it with pill-bottle cotton into punis. The dryer lint adds nice texture and color to the white cotton, and it all spins quite nicely. I don't think I'd want to spin the dryer lint on its own -- staple length isn't even in its vocabulary, LOL, it's very, very short stuff. And what a variety of pill-bottle substances there is -- I think I threw away half of it as "that just can't be cotton!"

The knitting is handspun too :-) a lovely purple wool-shot-with-bronze silk combination. I'm hoping to knit up a lacy shawllette with it while we're on the plane -- packed the plastic needles in the carry on, metal ones in the same size in the checked baggage.

And I guess a crochet project and some writing projects snuck intomy bag too -- well, I'm trying to minimize how much clothes I bring, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! The only sad part is putting myself on digest on spindlers (just couldn't go no-mail) and hoping to keep up with at least my lurking while I'm away. But I'll be back next year, and happy to see all the new projects we do. Breedswap spinning, here I come!

Happy holidays all, and as always,
Happy spins,
Amelia, spinning happily on Upland Lane

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