UFO Resurrection: January 2007 ... down to the wire

Here it is! All the spinning is done ... ok, I said that 2 years ago ... but you see the knit basket at the bottom, and the wound ball at the top? I realized I simply would not have enough yarn! So the project got "bagged". Finally got it unbagged just a few weeks ago!

I have now spun all of the short-staple Jacob I had. I have 3 small bumps (12 ounces?) of good quality Jacob I could spin if I still need more. But the skeins in the photo are about 300-350 more yards (a bit more if I use the novelty yarn I spun up last year, too ... that's mohair locks).

Now, on to February ... shall I knit this, or resurrect another UFO? Hmmmm....

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