UFO's and other sightings ...

In wandering through blog-land, I came across a great blog-driven ring, the 2007 UFO Resurrection Challenge! Now, given that I joined the UFO Knit Blog too this seemed serendipitous. And there are 2 days left in January, to boot, so surely I can get something done.

It won't be the arm warmers pictured here from Crosspatch Creations(sigh) -- those will likely be March! But at least their spinning is done.

January's UFO-to-finish is the spinning for the Jacob fleece tote bag (the Oregon Tote). I've been working hard on it all month -- i.e., messing with the Woolee Winder and praying the next oil works better than the last one. Only part of a bobbin left to spin, wash the skeins, and wa-la! it will be done. Photo of the lovely skeins to follow ... I sure hope they end up being enough to finish the knitting!!

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Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

Let's see ... a few UFO's just to spark me thinking about these things ...

-rughooked sheep coffee mat
-rughooked rose pillowtop
-crochet bead mini purse
-knit bead mini purse
-kumihimo (learning it -- the sample kits just sit there...)
-embroidering (spindle-spinning the silk) the edge of my knit shawl (which has been knit for several years now)
-touche arm warmers. OK, arm warmer 2 may feature a slip stitch pattern instead... this was fun to spin, on my Jenkins Turkish spindle yet!
-Oregon tote from an Oregonian Jacob's fleece ... still some spinning to finish on the Schacht, knitting 1/3 done but I ran out of yarn
-Sock machine socks for my new SIL #1
-Sock machine arm warmers from Mohair
-SM rayon boa-scarf for DD (her backup scarf, the only yarn she doesn't find neck-itchy)
-Optim SM socks for me or DH
-SM socks for DH
-spinning "Quinilla in Blue Jeans" on the Journey Wheel for socks ... to SM or to handknit? hmmm that is a quandary
-find a project for the neppy targhee
-cotton charka spinning for my undulating twill weave tote bag (and some weaving, too, there are some skeins resting on the loom even now!)
-alpaca fingerless mitts (#1 is about 1/2 done?)
-handspun socks with "mermaid" cuff from Neatby's book
-inkle loom shoelaces
-spindlespun nalbound hat (start the nal-ing or finish the spinning first?)
-there are a number of tote bags with spindles-and-fiber, including the Russian spindle test and the desire to fill and ply a Russian spindle then knit ... hmmm, a shawlette with lily of the valley lace maybe
-seaman's scarf with laceweight handdyed yarn from AU
-dye and spin my local guild's fiber exchange fibers (all whites, 2 not yet handed out though)
-the newest addition to the list: "Hang on Sloopy" sock yarn spinning on the Van Eaton Fold N' Tote.