Can you spindle while sitting?

It was probably too many years working at a desk, but mostly I sit and spindle. So much, that I have to remember to stand when I teach people!

It depends on the chair and your inclinations, but I generally like a shorter-shafted spindle (not more than 9 inches, 10 on the outside) so that it takes a little longer to hit the floor. Most spindles will keep going all the way to the floor; top whorls because you can thigh-roll them, and I flick my bottom whorls at the thinnest available spot to get the best turn rate I can. On some bottom whorls, I'll thigh roll them as well. If the yarn is barber-poled up the shaft and my trousers are non-grabby fabric, this works quite well.

I don't have a specific spindle recommendation, just those tips. Oh, and support spindles are fun too -- if there's no table, there are lap bowls you can use.

(posted by me this day on spindlers)

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Teri said...

I mostly spin while seated. Today, I was spinning in the car during a construction work stop on the highway. Always good to have a spindle with you!