Sock Machines: What's a Legare 4 1/2?

Can I claim some confusion? I have Legare 400's (I know this, because the first one was a Pat Fly Restoration, and they all have the Legare emblem and 400 on the base) and they all (3) have silver disks on the outside that say 4 1/2. I had always assumed it was just a size disk "decorating" my Legare -- and not some new type of Legare? Is there a third Legare out there?

That said, my "3" Legares are all different generations; one (the restored) is very old, with a hand-painted logo on the base. The second is middle-old, with a little enameled red diamond on the logo-plate (and a solid-metal cranker, no holes in the large round dial), and my third is the least old, with no special coloring on the logo-plate and holes in the cranker (to make it lighter, IMO).

And that said, I don't truly have 3 complete Legares; I have:
3 outer cylinders, one with chipped-being-restored V-cams
4 72 slot cylinders (hey, how'd that happen?)
2 36-slot ribber plates
1 27-slot ribber plate (brass, yet -- wow it's cool looking!)
2 54-slot cylinders (I think)
4 ribber arm stoppers (a spare of those, I won't complain about!)
1 ribber topper
1 AK ribber topper (sigh) that sits off-center in all 3 of the Legares
plenty of weights,
2 working yarn-masts, a third needs its spring yet, and an argyle topper (cool!)

Well, you see, I just piece together a variety of setups to knit on, and have at it! I can't wait to re-clean my cylinder bases and try the Militec-1 lubricant on it -- that stuff worked wonders on my Schacht's Woolee Winder (then I _finally_ figured out one of the plastic washers was in backwards and now the WW completely works).

Anyway, I am off topic. So, it's about 2.4 complete machines, only one ribber. I'm interested to hear more about this "AK post" thingie to make AK ribbers work on Legares -- would it solve my off-center problems? hmmm.

(posted by me this day on sockmachinefriends)

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