What spindle do you pick to spin for socks?

Absolute favorite sock spindle: 0.9 ounce Tabachek Compact Deluxe top whorl. I'll also reach for ... my 0.9 ounce Nikolai spindles (no longer being made), and lately, an Ed Jenkins Turkish isn't out of the question, though it's a bit heavier, at over an ounce.

It's not out of the question for me to pull a Bosworth mini or midi near this weight -- anything from 0.7 ounce (for the singles, if I'm 3-plying) to 1.1 ounces would do fine, or some other spindle from my collection (mustn't let them gather dust!).

Right now I have a 0.9 ounce Spin-Dizzy Traveller tucked into a box of sock-blend (superwash merino, silk, and romney from Franquemont Fibers -- yummy "lily pond").

For the plying I might pull out a heavier spindle (like the Turkish), or do that on the 0.9 ouncers too.

For me, it's mostly weight in the spindle that I'm looking at, since makers abound in my collection (and weights). Hmmm, I wonder how many 0.9 ounce spindles I actually have!

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