Meme: 5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me: The Spinning Version

When I was a kid in elementary school, we'd play boys-chase-the-girls and girls-chase-the-boys versions of tag, changing version each day. So I understand how the tagging thing works. But memes are fun, tagged or not, and it's fun to "spin" a meme to your own topic. So, here goes:

Five Spinnerly Things You Probably Don't Know About Me ...

  • I learned to spin because I bought a house that "came with" two llamas. Actually, they wanted $800 for the llamas -- and I thought, "Llamas? what do I do with them? I'm not paying." And they threw them in to make the deal. I llove my llamas now -- Garland and Mahogany have no fear that I would give them away!
  • I learned to spin at the "tender" age of 35. I had long said I wanted to retire at 35 -- in a way, I did, because that's when I started doing what I love, The Bellwether! Sure, I work harder and for less moola than before I "retired". But it's way more fun, and now I'm 40-years-young! (Do the math -- yes, I've been spinning for "only" 5 years. That's another shhhh thing you probably don't know about me!)
  • I only have about, maybe, 5 hours a week I can actually devote to doing handcrafts -- spinning, knitting, producing those wonderful, rare "finished objects". And most of that gets put into knitting shop demo-models, though some get to double as winter woollies and Barbie gifts (love those miniatures!)
  • We all have a past; mine is, I was a software engineer, then manager, then executive, then architect. I was on the SQL standards committee, and wrote large portions of the software in what is now Apache DB, an Open Source Java Database -- back when it was a startup called Cloudscape. I still have a copy of SQL92 and a collection of the CDs from our software releases -- I'm not ready to let the past go just yet.
  • I bought an antique sock machine because I wanted to spend more time spinning than knitting. Ha-ha-ha -- now I have a sock yarn collection that rivals all my other yarns. Though the fiber stash is still larger than both combined!

(picked up on from Wise Hilda -- a fun knitting blog)

I'd love to hear five spinnerly things about you that I probably don't know -- please post a comment, link back, or email me! Consider yourself tagged...

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Laura said...

I'm gonna do it! I needed something to do while the dye sets on my roving --you know.. since I probably shouldn't play with it while it's the pot ;)