Simply Successful Secrets Meme

I really enjoy the blog-ology that's out there, memes included! And over at UFOKnitClub one of my cohorts asked me how I got started, which is related to this "meme" - What are the daily habits that help me be successful?

In no particular order, then:

- identify the things that hinder my success and work to remove them. Procrastination is a big one, tied in with distraction. I work on focus every day to avoid those two!

- sell what I love. That helps because then I love to talk about it, blog about it, email about it, write about it -- all of these help to make people more aware of it and buy it! And, I get to enjoy it while it's in the shop (big, happy grin!)

- learn. I'm always looking to learn more. YouTube is great -- Abby has a wonderful collection of spindling videos, Rexenne has some great combing videos, and then there's my favorite handcarding video, too! All of these are listed in the YouTube Handspinning group -- because I joined and put (some of) them there. The flip side is also doing -- I try the things I learn. I may not get beyond the nalbound baby sock (actually, I will, but as an example...) but I will have at least tried nalbinding!

- download and print new orders, updating the website too. I pack orders about 3 times a week, so that's not quite a daily habit. But every day I'll get new orders and update the website, since most of what I sell is one of a kind. Very seldom do two people end up overlapping on a purchase that way (whew!)

- talk to real people: not only do I email and chat in the on-line forums, but I also do at least 4 shows a year, spin in my local guilds, and keep up with my "in real life" spinning buddies. This keeps it real!

- talk about keeping it real: the 2 llamas and 3 sheep in my back yard have a natural life span going out to at least 2017 ... so for at least 10 more years, I have llama poop, hay, grain, medicines, shearing, and fleece scouring in my future.

So, what do you do to be successful? Here's the challenge as I found it:

Compose a new blog post listing the top 5 to 10 things that you do almost every day that help you to be successful. They can be anything at all, but they have to be things that you do at least 4 or 5 times every week. Anything less than that may be a hobby that helps you out, but we are after the real day in and day out habits that help you to be successful.

Go for it! Comment here, or post it in your blog - and tell them, I sent you! (


linda said...

i've been trying to check in to your blog recently :) i like the mix you present, and liked the youtube spinning link. and the pix are always good reference-thanks!

Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

You're very welcome. I'm having alot of fun with this blog, and am always trying to get the camera-shots uploaded to the computer so I'll have fresh pictures of works-in-progress, too!