Sock Spinning again-again

I've been doing a fair amount of sock spinning learning lately, applying what I see in other yarns and what I think should work. Now I'm getting into twist angles, so I know I'm in the deep end, LOL. Most of the commercial sock yarns seem to have about a 30 degree twist angle, pretty steep/tight really. I took samples of all the sock yarns in my stash -- Opal, Regia, Lorna's Laces, KPPM, Sockotta, Fortissima, Tofutsies, and a few lesser knowns too. There's a great writeup on sock yarns here.

And I've blogged about this myself here and in the post it links to within it.

If you'd like all the information you need on twist angles, I recommend Mabel Ross's book "Essentials of Yarn Design" and also this writeup by HJS Studio -- she's into twist angles!

The yarn in the photo is superwash merino pencil roving spun and Navajo plied to about 18 WPI. The twist angle is still to-be-measured, but I think it's close to 30 degrees -- woot!


Sarah said...

I hope to spin sock yarn soon. Thank you for sharing your experiences, research, and links to other resources on the topic. I like reading different theories, methods, opinions, and observations. Once I spin some sock yarn, I can compare them to my own.

aija said...

Gorgeous. I'm still just working on the basics of spinning, but your sock yarn is inspiring :)