UFO Resurrection: March 2007

2007 UFO Resurrection ChallengeIt's the end of March and I'm happy to report I got at least one of my posted February challenges done -- and it was done early! Though, alas, the blog posting was not ... unless this entry on the UFO Knit Club counts!

Wow! looking back at my March goals, two got done: new yarn (now awaiting its turn with the rest of the stash...)
That's sock yarn ... there are several posts on its spinning with helpful info on spinning your own sock yarns on this very blog (grin!!) as well as the story of this fiber's journey into yarn here.)

And the little beaded bracelet:
That's Perdita, the Bluebells variation, from Knitty.com if you want to knit one too!)

Whew. I've kicked some yarn out of my stash to knit a backless, sleeveless sweater ... not sure if the totebag whose yarn was finished in January will be up for knitting in April, or the re-spinning of the sweater yarn (haha that has you curious, doesn't it!) Well, onward with the wheel, spindles, and needles! Here's to longer days -- more daylight to knit and spin by!

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