It's News From The Bellwether Time! Wow -- there were so many great newsletter name entries, both on the blog and off-line. To re-cap:

Amelia said, how about: The Bellwether Shop News or News From The Bellwether.

(Hey, I never said I couldn't enter my own contest -- but don't worry, with my suggestions, I'm sure not to win! That's why I held the contest!!)

Mintdee said, how about: The Bellringer.

Wow! a great first entry in the contest, I really love this one!

Worldygirl said, how about: Wether Report

Great pun!

Then she came back later with: Bellwether Beacon or Bellwether Harbinger as plays on words, Bellwether Roving Around or BellwetherReport all one word, or Fibellwether Report

... so productive and brainstorming away! gotta love that effort!

Kim of Cornerstone Fibres said, how about For whom the Bell Toils.

Ha-ha, toils, I get it! another pun! and toil it can be at times, slogging through bookkeeping. But I love my customers, my products, and plugging away at the website. The challenge of a little accounting isn't going to stop me!

Blog-free Heidi said, how about: "The Bell Toll", or even "The Belle Toll".

Heidi was our first multiple entrant (worldygirl came in with her second-plus entries later). Terrific! And Toll -- a double entendre, even if unintended. double-terrific!

strikkeforsker said, how about: "Bellwether Spin"?

Oooh spin. Have y'all see the FibervilleUSA Spin? A great newsletter, free for signing up! I have an article in their upcoming newsletter on spinning singles -- so subscribe now! And the name from strikkeforsker is a double entendre, again! coolio.

Lisa said, how about "The Bell Tells" or "Sheep Tales Weekly"

I love the rhyme in The Bell Tells. Maybe The Belle Tells, for me, the belle of the Bellwether? hehe. This one's right up there with Bell Ringer. Love it!

Michelle/Loredena said, how about As the Bell Turns.

Hehe, a pun on soap operas for sure. And sometimes I am spinning like a top around here, turning from task to task!

Well, it was tough -- and in the end I picked something else entirely ... Bellefeathers! But we do have winners -- mintdee for "Bellringer" and Lisa for "The Bell Tells". They are my favorites -- if there'd been a clear favorite, I might not have had to come up with something else. So, mintdee and Lisa -- if your blogs don't have your email addresses, please email me (ask -at- thebellwether -dot- com) and I'll get your fibery presents on their way to you!

And, I've started a new tag (see topical on the blog sidebar...) called "SpinTips" -- a collection of links of useful spinning information. So far, it's mainly twist angles -- but I'll be adding more links in future. You can RSS-subscribe to SpinTips too, to see when new links are added. Cool! Technology being useful again.

I am still in major post-show recovery mode. I didn't take my camera to the Whidbey spin-in, but a blogger was there snapping photos, so when I find her blog entry I'll let you know! Recovery mode means -- some of the orders from the weekend are packed, but so far I am still packing, with plans to ship them all and be caught up tomorrow. Today was spent re-inventorying fiber so I can get a new Rhyme Times ready and do proper website updates.

I'll do my best to have some new goodies on the website (and in the newsletter!) soon; in the meantime, I've restocked the mini sock blockers (yay!) though they are now $0.50 more due to a supplier price change (sorry!) ... and ... I have a new (gasp!) box of Forrester Spindles and treats. If you'd like the list of Forrester items before they get on the website, email me -- ask -at- thebellwether -dot- com and I'll email you the list. Now, I'm still suffering from email problems, so if you don't hear back from me, try the other email that's shown on

Be sure to let me know what you think of the newsletter's official name! I'd love a logo-munge for it (hint, hint). And let your friends know about The Bellwether and the blog!

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