How do you organize your spinning?

Handspun Sample Card
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This is my main organization to my spinning -- sample cards. Once I have a sample I like -- thickness, twist, plied result -- I break off a length and wrap it around a piece of cardboard with two slits in it.

The top slit has the new yarn sample fluffed out so I can see how much to draft, and the bottom slit holds the plied result, for the plies I want in my final yarn (a 2-ply, here).

I can scribble notes on the card and usually do:

- wool source (a Romney named Oreo, here)
- spinning style (worsted, 2 ply)
- intended project (felted clogs -- did 'em!)
- where/when I bought it
- when I started spinning it
- what I was spinning it on "spindle and wheel" here -- this was on a Navajo spindle and a Louet-S10, my first wheel.

This is from my second-ever spinning project - it got saved with other memorabilia, and is a fun way to remember the spinning of the wool and the clogs, now that my dad has appropriated them for himself.

(inspired by the spindlitis May challenge)

I admit, I don't do these for all projects, just the ones in danger of being UFO'd for a while. If I've finished the spinning but not the knitting, I've taken to stuffing the pattern in with the yarn -- otherwise I end up with yarn I forget what I was going to do with (yes, that has happened!) Even if I change my mind, it's a nice reminder of my original intentions. Like the wrist warmers that became a Clapotis instead (okay, are-becoming, it's still not knit)

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