Happy Half-iversary!

Vicki on Simple Knits celebrated her 6-month anniversary -- wow! she has a great blog, I hadn't realized it was as new as mine (okay, 1 day older). So, here's to half-iversaries!

Now, I know June postings from the belle (that's me!) have been slim, it's just that being on the road twice this month -- packing and unpacking the shop 4 times (!!ouch, I hadn't thought of it that way!!) -- really puts a dent in my typing time and definitely puts a dent in my camera time!

Meet Anna Louise. This is our new-to-us 10yo kitty. She likes spindles. If she had opposable thumbs, she'd probably spin them herself, not just batt at the shaft when it gets within reach (grin).

Right now, I will simply tease you (and myself) with upcoming topics ... What's a Fiber Sandwich? What's Silk Salad? and How do you Needlefelt a Pin? If I run out of time, though, I'll be posting a few picture-less entries to keep the information flowing. Whew! That should see us well into July, along with getting back to working on thebellwether.biz, after Black Sheep Gathering ... see you there!

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