Of Contests and -Alongs

They're out there -- you see fiber contests on blogs (even this one!), in forums, and in magazines.

Purple Minis, Blue MinisMy current favorite contest is SimpleKnits' "What can I knit with 1-285 yards?" -- send in some details on a free online pattern, and you are entered to win. She has lots of cool prizes -- yarn (including a 258 yard skein of minis from me -- I'm sure you can see the relevance of that!), stitch markers, and more.

I found a cool heart pattern to send her -- Mochi Mochi (who blogged the amazing stash) has a free heart pattern that takes only 11 yards (I knit one up! just need to find the bits to sew them together, now that I found my heart-shape rock to put inside it...).

And speaking of small yardage, did you know -- a 4" weave-it loom takes 7.5 yards of a DK to worsted weight yarn to make a square? I do :-) that's a bit under 2 yards per "trip" around the loom.

Amelia's Loomalong KitWhy, you ask, do I know this? Because! eLoomanator is having a "Square Deal Weave-Along". Okay, so it started in October 2007, and they are already 15 weaves into it ... but sounds like it can go on for a while, and it's fun! Wish me luck -- my last attempted -along was frogged and the yarn given away. It's harder to unweave!

The really cool thing with this -along is that, not only can I make a nice little blanket if I stick with it long enough, but eLoomanator is also posting some really cool ideas for these squares -- there's a cute lion, a fabulous pocketbook, and the Six Square Smackdown has some cool results showing up.

Sari Salsa, before cardingWell, I didn't really need to start a new project (or two!) but these have both been fun and seem well worth sharing.

Now I'll get back to carding that Romney/Alpaca/Sari Silk blend ...

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