What do you teach in Productive Spindling?

Traveller in ToteHave you walked away from your spindles in frustration? Do you want to expand your repertoire from wheel to spindle so you can bring spinning on your travels? Are you sure there must be some way to make spindling more productive?

Expand your spindle skill-set in this fun class: increase your spindle enjoyment and results. We'll match the right spindle for fiber and yarn, and play with a variety of top whorl tricks, bottom whorl tricks, and handy techniques to get more out of your spindling: true Andean plying, Peruvian wind-on, Kick-spinning, Navajo plying, Bottom whorl speed-plying, and more.

Spindle PhysicsParticipants need basic experience Spindling or wheel spinning a continuous thread.

This class is a focus class -- it covers productivity techniques that are touched on in Advanced Drop Spindling in more depth, with some new goodies thrown in for spice!

For a list of all workshops and general information, see What Workshops Do You Teach?

This workshop is being taught at the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival in Tacoma, February 2009, and at the NwRSA Conference, June 2009 (also in Tacoma!)

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