Do You Have Sheep?

My flock now seems stable (at least, this is all our land can support) at 3 Soay whethers and 2 llamas. The Soays are great -- everyone thinks they are goats, but luckily they aren't as fence-challenging as my Cashmere goat was.

She was a hoot -- in the end, she thought she was an alpaca, so when my alpacas moved away, she was quite distraught for a while, but decided being a llama wasn't all bad. Funnily enough, she ended up joining the alpacas in the end, and the stories that came back to me about her "homecoming" -- well, it was the right thing. She's an alpaca at heart, LOL.

If I were a breeder of sheep, I'd raise Soays. Maybe with Babydoll Southdowns -- that breed is so friendly, almost dog-like in their willingness to follow you around (at least, my two were, and are now they are with my best friend, as the start of her flock).

There's plenty of Soay info our there; mine came from a great local breeder -- so rather than breed them myself, I can support her efforts.

And it's great to look out in the field and see the "bunny rabbit"ears one of my llamas has. What a hoot!

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