Admin: new postings ... retro!

OK, so if you've been visiting this blog, hitting it in searches, or even bloglined it, you have gotten used to the fact that my postings are my own musings on questions I pick up from customers, website inquiries, and folks who don't even know me on various online discussion groups. Well, in point of fact, I've been doing that for a while! I thought about revamping my original FAQ with some of my old postings, but hit upon using the blog idea instead; and after plowing through a few months of postings (these date back to 2001, mind you!) I lost my drive and decided to just post new answers, instead. However, there's nothing wrong with mining them from time to time. So that you know they are older answers, I'll tag them with "Retro:", okay? Just like I usually put "Sock machine:" on the sock machine ones, but assume you know the rest are about spinning, or obvious from the question. See you in the comments!

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