Holiday Sock Machine Notes ...

My mom and dad are enjoying their AK socks from their Christmas package. Dad even thought his "rainbow toes" were a feature, when, LOL, they were because the "first knit" of the socks made the foot an inch too short, and I didn't have more yarn to make them longer! Definitely adds cheer to the socks, so perhaps I need to consider doing something like that more often.

I'm taking my Legare to the local yarn shop Saturday to do a demo -- the new tofutsies yarn is here! (there, anyway!) I sure hope they still have some left Saturday, LOL.

I spent my vacation in NJ showing my handknitting to everyone and they _did_ check out my socks each day -- 2 pairs handknit, 2 pairs sock machined, and 1 pair from (a "coordinated" pair). So they all want socks next year -- now I wonder why I married into such a BIG family, hehehe. Well, I guess I better start earlier, like maybe NOW, haha. Or just plan on cranking them out irregularly for birthdays rather than all at once at Christmas.

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