How do you reach the spindle when plying?

(see a great video here:

Wow! I love the way Abby flicks the spindle between her hands to start the spin; gotta try that!

The wind-up onto her fingers is a "Peruvian Butterfly" or "Peruvian Wind-on" You're basically winding a figure-eight around whichever two fingers of your hand you like -- thumb and pinkie, index finger and pinkie, whatever. It's a great way to (a) keep the new yarn under control before the wind-on and (b) get the spindle where you can reach it!

I use the butterfly wind-on even with my singles, since I love-love-love long-spinning spindles and will reach up as high as I can if the spindle's still twirling!

(originally posted in reply to an inquiry about the video on spindlers, this day)

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