Sock Machines: Do you weight the heel once it is complete?

I leave one heel-fork weight on the "point" of the heel until I have enough foot knit to move the buckle and main weights up to the foot. Sometimes that means I leave the weight there until I start the toe. Then, it gets re-purposed to weigh down the toe along with its compatriot heel forks.

(posted by me this day on sockknittingmachines)

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Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

In case you ask -- there is no heel fork in the picture, but you can see the heel hanging down. The yarn of the sock (white with specs) is Opal. The brown yarn is a large cone of el-cheapo yarn, my "waste" yarn and also used for the setup bonnet at the bottom of that knitting tube. The machine is a Creelman that I sold (photo taken in December to help with the selling). The socks were a gift for my good friend and mother-of-three Jan.