Sock Machines: which yarn for which cylinder?

There isn't a chart to say which yarn thickness to use in which cylinder in the sock machine. Gearheart put a list together but it was "yarn weights" like 12/2 and 16/3 and they didn't say which scale to use (woolen, worsted, ?cotton?) which would effect the end result a fair bit.

(For those who don't know sock machines -- each cylinder has the same diameter, about 4.5", but a different number of slots for the needles.)

On the 100 needle cylinder, I use baby yarns (very fine, sub-fingering to fingering) or Opal. Regia's a bit too "thick". Cranking around 100 stitches is alot of work, too, LOL! But when you want a bigger diameter ankle, it really can fill the bill.

On an 80, I usually use Opal, though Regia's nice and cushy too. Occasionally I'll use a finer wool (the ones on my feet now, for example) -- I got a very nice wool I dyed in a class once, it was a brown ashland bay trading wool (maybe a wensleydale?) and wears like iron, though comfy and warm! Nice because it's thin enough to fit in my tighter shoes.

On a 72, I'll use Regia or some of the all-wool fingering weights (which are slightly poufier than Regia)

On a 60, Opal's a bit "thin", Regia is okay but a poufier wool or a sportweight is nice. I can use a DK weight, but usually reach for the large-eye needles then or suffer alot of yarn-splitting issues, especially on the closer to worsted weight yarns.

On a 54, I'm definitely looking at DK weights or better, and usually making mittens to felt into a more solid yarn once I'm done. So, I'm usually reaching for my large-eye needles (dunno if they still have them, but a few years back I think Pat Fly, Barry Travis, and maybe John Loeffelholtz (sp?) carried them)

I tried to figure out WPI's once for cylinder size but have since given it up. I'd love to hear others' recommendations on this topic too.


Yarnie said...

Does Barry still carry sock yarn?

Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

Yep, he offers yarn on the yahoo group sockmachineswapshop from time to time.