Tofutsies, redux

Look! The Tofutsie socks! The full-size pair are 11" length from top of sock to bottom of heel. The mini I-cord sock was also done on my sock machine! how cute is that. And the left-over ball. I really want to be braver and make longer-legged socks -- there was a ton left over here, easily another 1-2 inches on each sock.

The sock on the left has been washed once; its mate has not yet been washed. It was a cold wash, but I noticed a slight color loss compared to "fresh" yarn. I like the way the colors pile on top of each other -- pink/purple and blue/green. If you had fewer stitches than the sock machine (72) then they might wave back and forth too.

I saw a tutorial on this type of sock yarn patterning once -- wind a 30 inch skein and do 4 colors evenly, alternately around the skein like so: ABCDABCD. Then when you knit, the AC's stack and the BD's stack -- well, mostly. Thus the fun effects that can occur around the edges. On the short row heels and toes, you get a bit of a "bull's eye" effect as well -- also fun, and a nice variation from the color stacking.

Posted in response to a comment on the Tofutsies! posting January 11th, 2007.


Dotty said...

Your socks look great. I just started my first tofutsies sock yesterday. I had to switch to bamboo dpns because the steel needles kept falling out. It is a very thin sock yarn but I don't mind. They'll be good summer sox.

Leah said...

They look great!