What do you think of Cormo, Romeldale, or Shetland?

(see the earlier post about blending Alpaca...)

Cormo is so very soft, and very high crimp, it's delightful stuff; and Romeldale is also a soft wool with high crimp and alot of bounce. I tend to think of cotton when I'm spinning Cormo, and of Tigger (bounce!) when I'm spinning Romeldale, so I have high hopes for this cross-breed fleece

Shetland's a fine wool too, but it tends to have a looser crimp, be more silky. I find it fairly unique in that among the fine wools; that said, an individual Shetland fleece has alot of variability in it; the neck wool can have high crimp -- that's the softest part, the part the Shetlanders kept to make their wedding ring shawls with.

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Ann said...

I think it's important to note that Shetland is a dual coat breed. The softness of Shetland wools that you speak of is the undercoat. I find Shetland wools that were not fully sorted to be too scratchy for me to use for next-to-skin wear.