What's in a Totally Tubular Spinning Kit?

The Totally Tubular Spinning Kits are 4 ounces of an assortment of Crosspatch Creations and Three Bags Full blends and wools from their flocks -- that's right, sometimes the tubes contain blends and fibers that "never hit the shelves" as regular Crosspatch Creations or Three Bags Full colors.

These come out of the tube as short lengths of roving (the Crosspatch batts are "torn" into roving-width strips for the tubes, when they are used in them). You can spin them as they happen in the tube, resort them, separate them into lights-and-darks for fair-isle, break them into yet-smaller-pieces for more color variegation, you name it.

And Nannette is right, spinning them is a blast! I kept saying "well, I need to spin a green one now, haven't got a booth sample of that yet..." But then I spun one (I'm knitting it now!) so now I'm thinking the red-and-black ones need a booth sample. Grin!

With the green one, I broken them into lengths that spun into about 2 yards of worsted weight singles and "created" my own Noro-style yarn. I ended up with two balls of dark greens and one ball of light greens, for fair-isle arm/hand warmers (Joan's Touche' pattern).

Since they were all spindle-spun, it was a super-blast -- I got to try out (and fall in love with) a Carob Jenkins Turkish spindle in the process!

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