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We interrupt our generally scheduled FAQ, UFO, and Blogophilia for new news -- The Bellwether will be posting a semi-weekly (that means not more than weekly!) shop update on the blog. I'm thinking about calling it "TBW Tuesdays" or something like that -- have a name to suggest? Be sure to comment then.

Heck, I'll send a yummy ounce of fiber to the best one posted by the end of March. (Oh, yeah -- your name doesn't have to have Tuesday in it, any day of the week would do ... so you have control over which day it might appear, too!) all the usual smallprint would apply ... be sensible ...

So, if you want to keep up with The Bellwether, you can subscribe to the whole blog using this http:

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If you use bloglines (like me!) then just click here to subscribe to shop news: Subscribe me!

Thanks, and now stay tuned for our first "TBW News flash" (it kind of sounds like a broadcast station, doesn't it?)

-- added later:
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Mintdee said...

I think The Bellringer would be a very cute name :) Love the shop!

worldygirl said...

Why not the "Wether Report" ?

Cornerstone Fibres said...

How about "For whom the Bell Toils"


Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

from google-less Heidi:

"The Bell Toll", or even "The Belle Toll"

worldygirl said...

Bellwether according to the dictionary has several meanings: "information" and "guide".

So Bellwether Beacon or Bellwether Harbinger wuld be double plays on words, or Bellwether Roving Around or BellwetherReport all one word, or Fibellwether Report... I could go on and on-- it might be painful!

strikkeforsker said...

How about "Bellwether Spin"?