Do you walk and spindle at the same time?

Walking and spinning -- just not something I do. I usually bring spinning with me around tax time and the holidays for the post office line, but that's mostly standing still!

However, the funniest standing spin I did was last June. At the NwRSA conference, there was a contest to stand on one foot and spindle spin. If you did it the longest, you won! So, I won :-) It was pretty hard -- I hopped around a bit, and in the end I was doing my spinning Ahka style so my arms could be out to the sides. I was pushing 40 then (now I'm on the other side) and my balance just wasn't what it was when I was 8. But second place was a belly dancer, so I feel very proud of my accomplishment!

So, if you want to walk and spin support spindles, I recommend learning to spin on Ahkas -- the "horizontal support spindle technique". I put a snippet on how to spin on Ahkas here.

Hmmm, maybe that would re-energize my cotton spinning UFO ...

(posted by me on spindlitis, this day)

Actually, I have spun and walked to the kids' school bus stop every once in a while. But I don't really have any tips -- I was spinning medium weight, not fine, wool, and I kept the fiber lengths short rather than mess with a distaff. The additional fiber was stored in my coat pocket.

So, do you walk and spindle spin? and why ...

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