How much twist does singles yarn need?

For singles yarn, you don't want to put as much twist in as you would for the singles you plan to ply. I did a really loose single that knitted up very well, but I know Brown Sheep yarn has a fair bit of twist in it (If you have any Brown Sheep yarn, get a piece of it, put it in warm water and watch what will twist back on itself a fair bit.)

How much twist is enough for singles? Just enough to hold it together, or alternatively, when you hold the just-twisted length loosely, it only tries to twist back on itself loosely, not enough to be a decent 2-ply.

(from a post by me on spindlers, 11/12/2001)


Melinda said...

Thanks Amelia! This is all very helpful.

Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

Thanks, Melinda. Your comment reminds me to point out the Categories ---> on the right hand column. I've added a new one, SinglesYarn, click on it to see all AskTheBellwether blog entries that discuss spinning singles!