UFO Resurrection: February 2007

Once again at the 11th hour .. well it's 8:30 pm so at the, what, 20th hour, well, umm ...

Let's just call February the month of the WIP. Last month's completed UFO, the Jacob spinning, is now firmly "WIP" with about 3 sessions on the needles, about 3-4 inches more of tote-dom added on.

The singles fair-isle arm warmers ... about 2 inches into #1. Arm #2 is going to be slip-stitch. I just can't hack fair-isle knitting. I can do it, I don't enjoy it! even with 2-handed 2-color knitting. Slip stitch knitting, though, now, that's a hoot!! So I get to research and plan out a pattern for arm warmer #2. That will be fun!

The superwash Merino from Madrona Fiber Arts Festival is all spun up (singles, sigh) and in the plying. Gorgeous bright-bright orange with some lightening from the whites.

I did at least "touch" two older UFO's -- the blue/tan sock yarn spinning got another hour of attention, and of 5 fleeces that are washed, two of them are now picked and ready to card.

A little beaded knitted bracelet is underway, a little over half done.

Onward into March! with 3 more days than February, my goal is to FINISH at least one of the things described in this post!


Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

More photo shots of that day-glo orange yarn (it's done! yippee!) are here.

Anonymous said...

I love your wheel in this photo. What wheel is that?
And the cutest thing is the little one peeking in from the side.

Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

It's a Betty Roberts wheel -- there's a Yahoo group for them (of course!), SpinningWheels_by_BettyRoberts.

And the cat is Cat, my husband's dog's cat ;-) Cat decided he "matched" the yarn and the wheel and ought to be in the picture.