What should I do if I don't like how bumpy my yarn is?

I had a skein of nubbly yarn that I just didn't know what to do with; a friend used it to knit a dog coat -- and in the knitting, you could hardly tell it was nubbly yarn at all. As I recall (they are travelling now), the coat was mostly stockinette with a seed stitch border, for a small dog (he's a mini-dachsund).

If you want to accent the nubblies in use, the purl-side of knitting tends to be where the bumps show up the most, rather than the knit side.

If you decide you _really_ dislike the yarn, you could cut it into little bits and card it into something else -- oh yeah, you are so head-over-heels into spinning that you already have a drum carder, right? Well, dog slickers or handcards will work too ... but that is called "garnetting" the yarn, and the resulting "re-spun" blend will be highly textured.

Which brings to mind -- the 100% virgin wool on sweater labels -- it means the wool is "fresh from the sheep". If your wool sweater doesn't say that, it may be made from yarn that was the result of (granted, very thorough!) garnetting.

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