What Turkish Spindles do you Like?

I like all of mine -- let's see. Some were from a shop up in Canada, west coast-ish, I had to call, but I forget (sigh) it is stamped "Ray". Cute things, some are top-whorl-ish, fairly light, with a notch that runs up to the top of the shaft (like an Akha notch)

My absolute current favorites are Jenkins' Turkish for high ounce to two ounce weights, and for sub-ounce to featherweights, Spin-Dizzies. (AD, I carry both of these :-) ) I can't say enough about the nice job on the shaft of the Jenkins Turkish, for I can flick the shaft and get a zippy spin out of it. The Spin-Dizzy Traveller has an indentation on the shaft too, so has a similar benefit there.

For pure artistry, the Forrester Turkish are lovely, with great turnings on the shaft below the whorl and holes drilled through the arms that are terrific. Gemini Fibres in Canada may have those.

And the most "practical" flat-whorl that I've ever had was the Russian-Turkish spindle from Peace Fleece. I don't know if they still carry them, but they are cool and spin well.

Nannette mentioned the Valkyrie Turkish -- those are nice, but currently not in production (sigh) -- which is why all the vendors are out.

And-and, I have a lovely fitted-arm (not rest on top, not go through the middle--the arms mesh, tres' cool imho) Turkish style; I forget the business name, DJ made it. That one went on my holiday trip with me, for some laceweight spinning.

(posted by me this day on spindlers)

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