The Bellwether Shop News ...

Wow! that week sure went by fast ... and shows are coming up. So, while I'm busy knitting booth samples for Crosspatch colors (the lovely beaded bracelet on DD is Plum Loco using Perdita's Bluebell there have been a few new arrivals.

The big one is book re-stocking! yay! Mabel's Ross's The Essentials of Yarn Design, Ruth MacGregor's Learn To Spin Silk on a Spindle, and a few more really great books are available again. (Yes, Nalbinding Made Easy ran out this week -- new ones are on their way!)

I expect to get Susan Pufpaff's great felting and knitted roving patterns up this weekend -- so stay tuned to the New Items page.

If you'd like to subscribe to updates to that page rather than this newsletter, there's a great page-monitoring e-mail service available -- click here to monitor our new arrivals page. I hope to have the plug-in available on the page soon, but until then you can sign up directly with that link.

Here's a shout-out to Tan in Utah, whose posting of her latest Bellwether purchase earns her a 10% discount for the next 6 months! (how you can get this discount too)

And the 'name the newsletter' contest continues. To recap entries so far: The Bell Tells, Sheep Tales Weekly, The Bellringer, Wether Report (think what great theme music this would have!), For Whom the Bell Toils (for you-m, of course!). Post your entry as a comment on the blog (anywhere!) or email to ask funnysymbol thebellwether little dot com.

Two more booth samples -- a great knitted whale in Rocky Mountain Lupin and two peas in a pod in Victoria Into The Woods (flat penny for scale).


Loredena said...

I like As the Bell Turns myself :o


Tan said...

Wow, thanks for the discount. I didn't realize a little stash blog would turn out to be valuable.