Can you hand card while walking?

Myler posted some lovely stained-glass spindles for sale on a variety of Yahoo spinning groups recently. Mine came! They are fa-boo! (Sorry, DD 7yo is cracking me up with all her lingo, I'm trying to incorporate it.)

The spindles (yes, I got two -- the sheep and the dragonfly) came with their own matching fuzz. Since the green was dyed fleece, I grabbed spindle, green fuzz, and hand cards and ...

You guessed it, hand carded my way through the line at the post office. LOL. It wasn't too bad -- I rested one card on my leg, bent over a little to brush the fiber off with the other card, and switched cards once the fiber transferred to the top card. I did one card-full in the "stork" position, leg raised, knee out front. DD was with me, and she kept up a running commentary of questions --

DD: why do you need to do that, mom? Mom: to make the fibers spin more evenly.

DD: what would happen if you didn't do that? Mom: well, I could spin it, but I'd have lumpy yarn. And I'd rather spin it smoothly.

DD: Did they always have handcards? Mom: (thinks: how does she come up with these questions?) No.

DD: What did they do before? Mom: spun from the lock, very carefully, to get as smooth a yarn as possible. They had alot of practice at it, since they didn't have hand cards to use.

(At this point DD wandered off to look at the cute post office teddy bear display. She'd had enough learning for the moment.)

Now, I've spun there before and mostly get odd looks, no questions. Hand carding got the odd looks too, but the postal lady was quite entranced and said, "now that's enough to get me interested in trying spinning". hahahaha funny bone hit there, that hand carding makes her want to try spinning! Well, I spun some for her too -- she likes the spindle too! And I do, too -- it has pride of place in the hallway spindle stand now.

(What y'all don't have spindle stands strategically placed throughout your house? They look great in a bookcase, on a side table, and tall ones on the floor! Feng Shui for Spinners!)

(based on a post by me 3/8/07 on spindlitis)

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