Meme: 7 Random Things...

Hehe, I knew if I kept tagging myself eventually I'd get tagged too -- thanks Pam So here goes ...

Rules of the Game...

1. Reveal 7 random items about myself (of course these will be spinning things!)

2. tag 7 people and list their names here. then direct them to my blog to read the rules of the game

So here we go

7 random (spinnerly) things about myself

1. High-crimp fine-ish wools are my favorite things to spin. CVM especially!

Every spinning list in the world eventually has the Q & A what's your favorite fiber, and this is always my response. Sure, there's cashmere (oooh) and silk (aaah) but I just love the bounce of CVM and CVM-like wools for knitting.

2. I feel like I have more control over my spindle-spun yarn than over my wheel spun -- I can spin finer and spin more difficult fibers on my spindles.

"Half" the stash3. I am STABLE -- and as much as I try to "spin from my stash", new bits and pieces keep sneaking in. 5 new fleeces a year from my flock, too -- what's a woman to do?

4. My stash has every type of fiber in it -- wools, silks, cottons, exotics -- except the poly-white-cut-up-soda-bottle stuff. It was still around when I started spinning, but has since disappeared from the marketplace.

5. My mother taught me to knit, crochet, sew, and make flowers from felt and pipe cleaners. We took a mother/daughter pottery class together too. But she's not a spinner.

6. I taught myself how to spin with a grommet-less CD spindle, coat hanger, and Lee Raven's Hands on Spinning. Quickly "graduated" to a Mongold spindle and a Louet S-10!

7. My oldest spinning projects are: spinning wool for nalbound socks for my son. I ran out of the red, so it will be an "accent" ... need to spin the grey ... and relearn nalbinding! And spinning cotton for a woven tote. It's an undulating twill, which is a hoot to weave, it's the cotton spinning that's taking time -- I love charka spinning, which is where I'm doing this, but I just don't pull the big one down or open up the little one often enough -- see #1 ;-)

My oldest unstarted project is a woven scarf with White Shetland neck wool from one of my (past) Shetlands, Pi and white Cashmere from one of my (past, too, sniffle) Cashmere goats, Winter. I'm thinking a nice arrowhead twill for that one ... the Shetland's washed, the Cashmere's dehaired, but I have not started the spinning yet ... hmmm maybe after the summer shows, it will be time! yeah! a new project! from my stash ;-) so I get points for that.

7.5 I bought a sock machine so I'd have more time to spin -- I felt I'd spin sock yarns and knit up a ton of socks. Ha ha ha -- now my commercial sock yarn collection rivals my sock fiber collection!

I couldn't resist throwing in an extra one, consider it a bonus!

so, Now for the seven to be tagged

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Come on, you know who you are and you want to play ;-) ... and wouldn't it be cool if The Yarn Harlot decided to play? (With apologies to my regular blog readers -- please _do_ consider yourself tagged -- I'm heading out of town tomorrow and wanted to spend time making sure I wasn't tagging people who _already_ did this meme! I'll come back next week and try to do some remedial tagging, if I need too... thanks for understanding!)

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Frith said...

Fun post. Thanks for sharing.

By the way, you can find the plastic soda bottle stuff here. I've never tried it, but I'm curious.