What types of spinning have you done?

Fiber Fool recently decided to twist this Knitting Meme into spinning -- a terrific idea! So, here you go. If you didn't know enough about what I have, want to, and don't plan to knit, now you know even more about what I have, want to, and don't plan to spin!

The directions are the same as various book memes and the knitting meme. Bold those things you have done, italicize those you wish to do, and leave plain the ones that are of no interest to you.


Fine Wools (i.e. Merino, Cormo, Rambouillet, Polwarth, CVM, Shetland, Targhee etc.)
Longwool & Crossbreed Wools (i.e. BFL, Cotswold, Lincoln, Romney, Coopworth, Teeswater, ... lots!! etc.)
Down-type Wool (i.e. Black Welsh Mountain, Dorset, Cheviot etc.)
Double Coated Wool (i.e. Icelandic, Navajo-Churro, Karakul, etc.)
Angora still need to go back and perfect my angora spinning, though!
Vicuna when I win the lottery ;-)
Bison/Buffalo is I don't remember an okay answer too?
Yak is I don't remember an okay answer too?
Cat (Ginger! my kittie -- about 2 yards, LOL)
Silk Caps/Bells/Hankies
Silk Sliver
Cotton (prepared)
but only on charkas and spindles -- some day on my wheel!
Cotton from the Boll
Engineered Fibers (Rayon, Bamboo, Soysilk, Ingeo, Ecopoly, etc.)
Recycled Fibers (Sari Silk, Jeans, Garnetted, etc.)
Holographic Fibers (Angelina, etc.) -- only in blends, though.
Commercially Combed Top
Commercially Carded Roving
Hand Combed Top
Hand Carded Rolags
Hand Drum Carded Batts


Hand Cards

English Combs
Drum Carder
Niddy Noddy
Yarn Meter -- just to play with, though
WPI Tool

McMorran Balance
Top Whorl Spindle
Mid-Whorl Spindle (Norge, Ahka)
Bottom Whorl Spindle (includes Turkish)
Supported Spindle (Navajo, Tahkli, Russian, etc.)
Castle Wheel
Saxony Wheel
Great Wheel

Portable Wheel (Little Gem, Joy, Van Eaton Fold n' Tote, Journey Wheel, Lendrum, Hitchiker, etc.)
Electric Spinner (Fricke SpinIt modified to take Majacraft flyers)
Charka (Bosworth, Indian book, attache, cigar box, Ashford, Reeves, Wyatt)
Tensioned Lazy Kate


Worsted Spun
Woolen Spun
Long Draw
Short-Forward Draw
Double Drafting
Energized Singles
Andean Plied 2-Ply
(Wheel or Spindle?)
Center-Pull Ball 2-Ply (Wheel or Spindle?)
2-Ply from Bobbins/Cops
3-Ply from Bobbins/Cops
Navajo Ply 3-Ply (Chained Singles)

4+ Ply from Bobbins/Cops (does cabled count? wait a minute, I have a 4-ply UFO...)
Bulky/Super Bulky Weight
Worsted Weight
DK Weight
Sport Weight
Fingering Weight

Lace Weight
Cabled Yarns
Fulled Yarns
Slub Yarn
Marled Yarn (Barber-Poled Colors)

Seed Yarn (1 Thick and Soft Ply, 1 Firm and Thin)
Wrapped Spiral Yarn
Flame Yarn (Like Seed Yarn, but with Slubs)
Turkish Knot Yarn (eh? if this is knot yarn, then done it, but if it's bobbles, nope)
Boucle Yarn (only in a class, though...)
Beaded Yarn -- sequins count, right?
Coiled Yarn
Encased Yarn (Fabric, Flower, Feather, etc. Captured Between Plies)


Buy a Fleece
Wash a Fleece

Blend Fiber Types (Combed or Carded)
Blend Colors (Combed or Carded)

Dye Handspun Yarn
Dye Prepared Roving/Top
Dye Locks
Solar-Dye Fiber
Kool-Aid/Food Coloring Dye Fiber
Natural Dye Fiber
Commercial Dye Fiber (Gaywool, Jacquard, Pro-Chem, Cushings, etc.)
Attend a Wool Festival
Take a Spinning Class
Take a Dyeing Class
Spin in Public
Teach Children to Spin
Teach Adults to Spin

Knit with Your Handspun
Crochet with Your Handspun
Weave with Your Handspun
Design a Project to Match Your Handspun
Design a Project from Fiber to FO
Spin Yarn to Match a Commercial Pattern
Make Socks from Handspun
Make a Scarf from Handspun
Make a Felted Project from Handspun -- in progress counts, right...
Make a Large Project from Handspun (Shawl, Adult Sweater, etc. >1000 yds) it's a felted tote, but it's huuuuge
Keep a Spinning Journal -- umm, I have two ... or three, but they mostly document breeds, not projects
Use A Reference Card to Aid Consistency
Spin Yarn for Pay
Process Fiber for Pay (from raw to roving/batt)
Dye Fiber for Pay -- pencil roving in my learn to spin kits (sometimes)

Write a Book on Spinning -- "Spindling: The Basics"
Write an Article on Spinning - Fiberville Spin, this blog, NwRSA's Loose Threads ... never been paid for writing articles, though.
Make DIY Spinning Tools (PVC Niddy Noddy, Nostepinne, Lazy Kate, CD Spindle, Hackle, Wrist Distaff, etc.)

What have you learned to do that has marked a definite change in your spinning life? Run a business! If I didn't have the driving "force" of The Bellwether behind me, I probably would not have explored so many avenues or met so many wonderful spinners. It elevates my spinning from hobby to research, so I can take it seriously. And that has allowed me to discover my inner well of creativity, a truly amazing feeling for this die-hard do-it-by-the-numbers engineer!

Want to join the meme? Take the list and post it on your blog with your own remarks, bolds, and italics!

And now I'm off to pursue a few more of the italicized activities!


Anonymous said...

Could you please do a blog entry on how to ply a 2-ply yarn that comes out well? Mine never seem to look good.

I have really enjoyed your blog! I have learned SO much from reading the archives! Thank you for all the time you devote to this!

Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

Will do! thanks for the suggestion.

Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

Here it is:
How do you make a good looking 2-ply yarn?