Back from Blogation ... see what kept me away

I'm sure there's a whole blog vocabulary out there - so here's one from me "blogation" i.e., blog vacation. Yep, I've been "gone" from my corner of the blogosphere -- so busy with shows & etc. What etcetera, you ask?

Thursday, there was the loading of this beast (a Patrick Green Jumbo Exotica 4-Way Carder, to be precise!)) onto a 16 foot moving van with its new owner (waves at Ruth!):

And the loading of the Patrick Green Powered Picker into my trailer:

In fact, my two neighbors helped me unload the picker from my trailer into my garage, not an hour ago! I'll be selling the picker and my Patrick Green Rover -- there's one interested party so far, but if you are interested, contact me and I'll let you know if it goes through or not. I'd prefer that they go as a pair, and I'm asking $14000 (okay, before you gulp -- new, the pieces would be $30000 -- so that's over half off, buying them used!) It's best if you personally come and pick them up, because crating and freighting charges can be really, really, really expensive.

ETA: The equipment has sold. Thanks for your interest!

Here's the Rover, front, right-hand side, and back views:

There just aren't enough hours in the day -- process wool? blog? order fun new spindles and fibers and tools and books? work on the website? fill orders (!yay!), catch up on bookkeeping? So for now it looks like it's just me and my supercarder -- if anyone has suggestions for a machine bigger than a supercarder, smaller than a rover, let me know -- I'd so love to keep processing wool, but the rover is just more than I need.

And thanks, I'm glad to be back too!

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