Jumping on the Bandwagon

I don't often share of myself on this blog, in part because that's not what it's about -- it's about the questions people have and passing on what I know, to be of help. So: some shout-outs (non-fibery, even), some purchases, and some current projects...

Still, this is helpful (I hope!) so here goes a shout-out ...

You see, I'm a huge fan of some non-fiber blogs (okay, Yarn Harlot's still my favorite!): Zen Habits is the top of the must-reads. He really has it together. Because of him, I have almost cleared my desk top (just a few docs I need to keep at my fingertips are still on it) and I carry around a little book of projects/todos/movies to rent so I can let go of worrying I've forgotten something (Zen to Done, a simplification of Get Things Done). And most recently, he's pointed me to a list of 101 10 minute dinners -- the first one I tried was a huge hit, so I'm off and running now! (Let me just point out that the time to preheat the oven is not included in that 10 minutes ...)

Then I check out The Happiness Project and Self Help Daily. These give me great insights -- am I focusing on following my joy? (sadly, no -- but I know that. and I'm working on it!)

And this one is slightly-fibery: my favorite etsy "secret shopper" (ie. someone who shops and then shares their best finds with you): sock prĂ˜n -- okay so her stuff is terrific too but man, can she shop! I probably end up buying 1 out of every 10 things she puts on her website (what can I say, smaller budget) but I enjoy them all, and I greatly enjoy living vicariously through her purchases!

So, what were my latest purchases?

On etsy: sock diva's Sock Bug "Ella" with her baby, of course! This has been a desire for a loooong time. Finally got one. It's a terrific spindle-tote, and the baby holds the spindle-spun single from the first spindle-full, until I fill the spindle again to ply the pair.

And as my library didn't have "Simple Living" I looked online and found it was a $0.01 book (used) on amazon.com. What an amazing read! I'm about 50-75% simplified according to this book -- mostly I still need to reduce how much stuff I have. No, I don't mean fiber -- well, maybe, but a crafty person (aka artist) does need materials to use, right! So I try to spin more than I buy -- no dent in the stash yet due to a too-terrific sale at NwRSA conference, but I'm working on it!

Yes, shipping was $3.99 for the $0.01 book -- so the merchant made something, as they sent it media mail too. Why the simplifying jaunt? I've been reducing ever since I met my second husband -- he's a Franciscan, and through his eyes I learn to see the excesses and try to trim what I can. Trimmed 30 pounds off of me, just following his own daily diet. I can live with that!

So why talk about buying things if I'm reducing my accoutrement? Well, I think it's worthwhile to improve what I have. And the drawstring top on the sock bug is terrificly better than my open-mouthed totes. I may have to do a tote round-up soon and send them to goodwill, or put them in the car for groceries. Now there's a thought!

And continuing my bandwagon theme (if you haven't jumped off already...) how about a brief review of Amelia's projects? I know, I know, the UFO Resurrection's at the end of the month ... but I'm 3 months behind!) ...

- "that" felted tote won't felt!! only marginally, so far. sigh. I keep washing it, there's hope it will shrink soon.
- just finishing up argyles on the sock machine! with Abby's handspun yarn! wow!
- Have "spider's nest" yarn resting on a bobbin before I skein it and add the spider legs; yes, Pluckyfluff put the legs in as she spun, but I decided to do it after. There are no spinning police, and the whole idea is to think outside the box.
- Have some skeins to wash; some are sample skeins, but one is to-be-knit and it's coil yarn! I'm venturing into my first knit-with-coil-yarn project (a scarf) to see how this yarn behaves on the needles and in the item. What fun!
- have a ball waiting to get started in my first sweater -- "that 4-ply". and a skein of BMF mill ends (henpecked, I think) to churn into a pair of socks for my SIL.
- I'm working on the Crochet-Along on spindlers -- alternating rainbow and white lace yarns as I've only 40 grams of rainbow and didn't want all-white.
- a nalbound hat! I'm finding nalbinding not as slow as I professed it to be in the past -- maybe it's the amount of nalbinding you do that speeds you up, much like the akha spindle (much faster after the first spindle-full!)

Heck, that's not too bad of a list! there's some more spinning "in the wings" -- my brain keeps churning with cool ideas for yarns -- coils are great, beads are a blast, and RMD Designs has now shown me the joys of plying with funky scarf yarns. I love her yarns! I've 4 skeins from her, and am planning on a 5th in greens (one is pink/violet, one autumn, one purply, one marine/lilac -- so you see the need for green. she's working on it!) So far they are art in my house, eventually I will turn them into something beyond that. They make great art, though!

Thanks for participating in my blog -- and if you want to know more about any of the above, feel free to drop me a line, comment or email.


Anonymous said...

Amelia, it's nice to occasionally glimpse the "non-professional" side of you once in a while! You're always full of great advice for spinners, but those are some pretty neat links too! Thanks for sharing your wisdom, and yourself a bit too :)

Anonymous said...

Zen Habits is terrific--I found it recently. It's good to pay attention to the foundations from which we operate.

Unknown said...

Love the 10-minute meals link, and the happiness project looks like its right up my alley (I was a psych major in school). Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Huh? Did you say argyles on a CSM??? That's something I'd love to see.

C4G said...

OMG I LOVE the links you posted! You should do this more often! I am soooooooo having mussels for lunch today!!

Elysbeth said...

Thank you for all the lovely links. Your Husband sounds perfect for you.