Bellefeathers! 31 August 2007

Whew! The new website has been held up by a personal logjam -- updating the server software to the new version so it won't go belly up with a planned ISP update in September of operating system software. It was a long time coming, and it was a loooong day -- powered by a lunch-time dessert of Old-Fashioned Chocolate Pudding (from Joy of Cooking 75th anniversary edition) a planned tea break at 4 and a lovely eggplant parmesan with Sockeye Pinot for dinner (so I really shouldn't be writing this now, ifyouknowwhatImean).

So anyway, to elongate a long story, it's done! Yay! Not that anyone can tell anything (if I've done my job correctly, that is!) but is now 100% September compliant, and just in time! (Does this count for the UFO of the month club? haha)

I hope I've also cleared up the outside-USA ordering issues (thank you to my patient Canadian customers!), and improved the wording on the shopping cart page. If you find some incorrect text or have problems with the website, please contact me.

And to celebrate, though there are not photos (I'm sorry!!) there are three lovely new rovings listed -- California Red in natural oatmeal, Cormo X Rambouillet in lovely natural soft brown, and Shetland/Alpaca in silky natural caramel. Enjoy!

I'm off to make evening Rooibos and enjoy the evening's sunset with my husband, my spinning, and a good movie!

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