How do I pick a drive ratio to spin a specific yarn?

This question came up recently on Spin-List, and as those list-readers who are also blog readers know, I occasionally post my list-emails on my blog (cross-pollination, don'tcha know!) But this time, I was tickled to be beaten to it by shizzknit ... I'm very flattered to be considered quotable!

So I'll refer you to her entry, Amelia on Mabel and Ratios, for details on what I think about ratios on wheels and fineness of spinning.

And in one of those blog-serendipity moments, what do I find but that Spinning Spider Jenny has put up a post on wheel ratios too!

And for more reading on the topic, Abby has this terrific post: Can You Explain Spinning Wheel Drive Ratios?

For the spindlers among us, let me refer you to my post, How do you vary the ratio on your spindle?

Do you have questions on wheel ratios? Or know of another good resource of information on the topic? Share it in the comments here or contact me, thanks!

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