Is Spin-Off Worth Getting? (Contest!!)

Ah Spin-Off. Despite the fact that there are now two on-line spinning 'zines and a spinning section in, I still get excited when I see it in my mailbox, and read it front-to-back and then back-to-front. I get almost as much fun out of reading the ads as the articles, LOL. Always fun to find new stuff for my spindles.

Thanks for all the entries, readers! The Spin-Off winner was selected (see the comments) and she's enjoying her issue now!

The magazine typically has articles on a fiber-bearing animal or plant, projects with handspun, galleries of readers' work, and technique articles on all things spinning. There's not an issue I haven't enjoyed, including the back-issues I bought once I fell in love with it. The indexes are great, I've used these as a reference many times.

Book CoverFor Spindlers, they've collected 20 years of handspindle articles in A Handspindle Treasury, a terrific resource on spindle types and spindling methods. I'm hoping they consider doing a new edition with all the great spindling articles since this came out (grin).

The Interweave Spin-off website is also fast becoming a favorite resource of mine, as they post projects and tips straight from the magazine there from time to time as well as expanded projects they couldn't squeeze into the print page.


The online Magazines: - click on "knittyspin" in the title bar for the spinning articles
Fiber Femmes Magazine
Spindlicity - new issue coming November 1! I hope!


Not sure? Post a comment here, and I just might mail you my spare copy of the Fall 2007 Issue of Spin-Off! (somehow I ended up with two! spread the joy!). Deal is, I only have one spare copy ... so I'll wait until November 2 (that's this Friday) and pick randomly from the comments. Be sure to give me a way to reach you -- link to your blog or website if you don't want to put your email in the comment or don't have it available on your blogger profile. Yes Vicki, I'm feeling generous ... I'll even mail it overseas if the randomizer picks someone over water from me.

Know of another online spinning magazine? Let me know in the comments or contact me. I always love a good read!


Cindy, aka Maxfun said...

I just started spinning. Went to an all-day workshop on Saturday that a local guild had for beginning spinning. I'm still getting thick/thin singles, but it's getting better. Later on, I'll probably wish I could spin thick/thin and not be able to! LOL

Anyway, as a new spinning addict, tips and info on your blog are very helpful. Thanks!

Ann-Marie MacKay said...

oooh i've been wanting to get a subscription to Spin OFf magazine--thanks for the info.
you can find me at:

or sprouty25 @

Anonymous said...

I'd love a copy of that magazine. I'm just starting out handspinning, and just picked up a new Turkish spindle on Saturday and a wheel of Icelandic wool pencil roving.

You can find me at

gemma said...

Thoroughly recommend this mag, which I already subscript to (one of only four subs I own). Love it.
cheers (no need to include me in the contest, already have that issue) Gem.

Anonymous said...

I do not know much about Spin Off. I got one copy when I bought my wheel, from the lady who owned the wheel first. I picked up an older copy at a fiber festival over the weekend that looks to have a lot of information about color. I am interested in learning more about the magazine.

Anonymous said...

Since I started spinning not long ago I was just wondering the same question, so I would be glad to be in on the contest. Http://

Anonymous said...

I just have to chime in with your sentiments about the magazine. It's the BEST resource available, and always current. I always read the articles front to back, and read the ads from back to front. (And dog-ear pages, underline favorite parts, post-it's sticking out all over...)

Josiane said...

I've been leafing quickly through Spin Off a couple of times, but have never bought it. I guess I should!
By the way, thank you for sharing all this information on your blog: it is extremely useful and valuable to us, new spinners.
(I'm kimianak, both in Ravelry and

LittleBerry said...

thanks for the links to the online magazines I hadn't come across them before....

just like to say thanks for all the great posts you do it's really helping my spinning (am a beginner) & your shop service is good too....

I have that issue of spin off so no need to include me in the draw, just wanted to say thanks

Filambulle said...

would LOVE to be able to answer... but I've never had a chance to read this magazine. I am going back again and again to its homepage regularly. If you say it's worth, I may have to get a subscription on my next anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I've bought the past 2 issues of Spin-off, and have really enjoyed them! I would definitely recommend it to other spinners, and coming from someone who both a)is cheap, and therefore very fond of online sources and b)used to believe magazines weren't worth buying (when you could just get a 'real' book), this is fairly high praise! I would love to get a free copy, but I'll probably go buy my own in time, or just subscribe.

Regarding web resources, don't forget about!

Steph said...

I like Spin Off a lot. I've had a subscription previously just for the info on different fibers etc -- I'm just starting to spin now. I'm trying to collect back issues now.

Anonymous said...

love the magazine, just having a hard time finding it locally! but i'm thinking about heading up to a store near baltimore this weekend..

finally delurking, btw. yay.

~ andrea /

Anonymous said...

Our computer has been ill, and didn't see your comment till now. You are so funny! Very generous of you, thank you for thinking of me. I have a copy so I don't need to be in the draw. Give someone else two chances, maybe a new spinner. I love Spin off, it has been very helpful. I may have to get their spindle article book. I do like the online magazines but I seem to get more out of spin off and your blog!

Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

We have a winner! Andrea picks up the free copy. Thanks all for your comments and feedback, it's been a fun week of reading them all and knowing the post got read (grins!)

Helaine said...


Spindlcity is still not up for November. I sure miss them.


Unknown said...

There is something to be said about reading out of a book or magazine.
Here is another zine

Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

An Australian on-line spinning 'zine: Spins and Needles

(Thanks to Kim for pointing me at this one!)