And Now For Something Completely Different ...

If it hadn't been for that fateful day 40 years ago today, this wouldn't be here for you to read.

Leap Day ~ the official 10th anniversary of my entry to the U S of A!

I was digging around last night for the wonderful "immigrant" photo of Family Read at the airport, but had to settle for this early American portrait to put next to the newspaper clipping of the news of his departure.

Then I read the clipping more closely ... waaaait ... my father, my father invented a new device for computers! How cool is that. I knew he designed printers, then disk drives. And I recently learned he had a hand in the early days of the internet. So, in more ways than one, he's the reason I can talk with you about all things spinning! What a great dad! (Thanks, Dad!)

Happy Leap Day, everyone!

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Taueret said...

happy anniversarie!