Bellefeathers! 29 June 2008

Whew! Show season -- what a fun time that always is! This is my booth at Black Sheep -- in the beginning. The Mach 1 and the Louet went home with people, and much fibery and spindly fun was had by all (including me).

The greatest thrill for me was selling my handspun yarn. And it's not too late -- there are new listings on my Etsy shop, By Our Hands.

If you want to purchase some handspun with a Ewe'Niquely Yours Knitting Pattern, all of the By Our Hands handspun are available on too!

In addition, I've updated the Bosworth spindles and will be getting the newest Kunderts up next -- a nice assortment of solid wood, plying weight spindles to choose from!

In upcoming news, The Bellwether will be taking a brief vacation at the end of July ... we're travelling to New Jersey and Washington D.C. to see family and take in a bit of our nation's capitol. Until then, it's business as usual. Happy shopping!

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It was good to see you at Black Sheep! Here's the URL of the pic with you and Nathan in it: