Bellefeathers! December 2008

Well! it has been a while since the last Bellwether newsletter. But I've been spending a productive while on classes (did you hear, I'm teaching at Madrona! woot! I've submitted a proposal to SOAR, too, keep your fingers crossed on that one...), restocking popular items, and getting a few new goodies in, besides.

Ready, set, and here you go ...

SOAK ... great product, lovely scents! I love sharing my favorite finds with you, and this is definitely one of them.

Natalie Silk Spindles ... restocked twice! Absolutely beautiful woods to choose from!

The Niddy-Pinny: a one yard skein niddy-noddy, a nostepinne, and an inch gauge -- fully restocked domestic woods and a nice selection of exotics, to pair with your Natalie or perhaps with your ...

Bosworth! Yep, minis, a few midis, and maxis made it in before Christmas. Thanks due to Sheila and Jonathan Bosworth for that special delivery!

Two great new Ewe'Niquely Yours Knitting Patterns...

Sure, I'm biased -- Mirage is my own work, designed to work with the Paint Pot, Totally Tubular Spinning Kit, or any Crosspatch Creations or Three Bags Full fiber (or even stash fiber and yarn) -- it's a super quick knit in just 175 yards of fingering weight yarn -- that's just 2 ounces! Spin singles and finish the fiber as written in the pattern for a really quick project.

The Your Way Self Striping Socks Pattern is just stunning -- it's definitely designed to be spun from a Totally Tubular Spinning Kit, with spinning instructions for the striping method included.

The SpinOlution Lazy Kate is here and in stock! And an unfinished wheel is available at $495 for shipping now -- just $20 or less shipped parcel post in-state, typically under $60 shipped UPS ground cross-country. Or come to the studio and have a lesson with your wheel -- choose your topic or design your own, I love sharing skills and experiences.

And yes, there's more to come ... a couple Dervishes survived the last waiting list along with a set of new Flyers from Forrester. New Totally Tubular Spinning Kits. Wonderful Lazy Kates from Alexandra's Crafts for 6 or 3 bobbins. Some great orifice threaders with inch gauges from Full Circle Woodworks. And, a shipment of Tabachek spindles of absolute grandeur!

Happy spinning to all! May your holiday season be full of wonder and joy.

~ Amelia

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episkathy said...

I love my/your Mach 1! We are going to need the Kate too, because the Spinolution bobbins don't on any of mine, but that will have to wait a bit. BTW, I'm taking one of your classes at Madrona and will look forward to seeing you again.

Blessings to you, Amelia.