You guys are great!

By Amelia

Thanks very much to all my readers and commenters ... and to those who also talk about me elsewhere. You all make my days brighter!

These recent happenings really "floated my boat" ...

Leesy made a fan club for my shop, fiber clubs, and blog on Ravelry: Follow The Bellwether. She's so sweet! I'm just amazed. I had promised myself that I wouldn't make my own group, so having one there -- really means so much more. Thanks, Leesy!

awarded me with the Helping Hand award, for answering so many questions. My pleasure!

KyleWilliam awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger award and also the praise that he looks forward to my blog posts. Wow -- I make someone's day a bit better. What a concept - I am humbled. His blog is full of such a variety of things -- sewing, pottery, knitting and many wonderful bits. Love the Valentine, Kyle!

Abby once again honored me by mentioning my blog and shop in her blog post Getting Started. She has always been encouraging of me, which is just wonderful, given the depth of her knowledge and time with the spindle -- since she was a wee one! I was in my thirties when I first turned fiber into yarn.

The many contributors to Spindle Shots continue to fill my days with awe over the marvelous spindles -- perfectly turned or perfectly fitting, both have their place in the culture that uses them. Did you see the Seth Golding #1 spindle just posted today by marihana? Wow.

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Abby Franquemont said...

Oh Amelia, face it: you are teh awesomesauce.