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Last Friday found me not at a spinning retreat (though it was the time of year for Camp Burton -- I hope everyone had a great time!) but at my daughter's school during a teacher in-service day, watching my daughter participate in a "Future Chefs" competition. She was (proud mom here) one of 20 finalists district wide with her recipe, Fantastic Fruit Kabobs:

Like all the recipes, it's healthy, kid-preparable, and yummy.  Here's how you make them...

Take four firm fruits (we used apple, grape, pineapple, banana); wash fruits and cut into grape-sized pieces.

On a dinner plate, empty a small container of yogurt. We used vanilla, you could use plain, blended/flavored -- whatever you like.

On another plate, put the same amount of granola as yogurt on the first plate.

Put a variety of fruit pieces on a bamboo skewer. Roll the skewered fruit in the yogurt to coat, then in the granola. Place the coated fruit kabob on a serving dish. Repeat as desired.

I found these quite tasty, and there were plenty of takers for the kabobs prepared for the judges and audience, so they were a popular dish.

The other 19 participants all had terrific recipes too. Banana Peanut Butter Sushi was scrumptious -- I may have to whip up a batch for my next party.

Not to worry, I shan't delve too far from the twisty path of fiber arts ... just couldn't resist sharing this yummy diversion with you!

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