What is coming at Ask The Bellwether?

By Amelia © April 15, 2010

Exploring spinning has been quite an adventure for me, and I look forward to continuing my adventures in the years to come. This last weekend was quite a milestone - being the presenter for the Whidbey Spin-In meant lecturing (eeek) one day and then running a workshop for 100+ people the second day. Yep, one teacher (me), 100+ participants ... it's a very interesting environment to teach in, and makes a normal class of 15-20 seem that much less intimidating.

In the past year I've been exploring weaving as well. I'm still very much a student there, though I've contributed a few book reviews to WeaveZine and posted some of my findings on my blog. I'm sure it will be a continuing area of study for me, since I find it so fascinating.

As you, my regular (and new) readers know, I like to share what I know. It's been a challenge to balance teaching, retail sales, product development, shows, and writing. If you keep a close eye on the webstore, you know that product selection has been decreasing in some areas, and also that recently I've made e-booklets available, the written form of my workshops. I like being up-front and clear about where Ask The Bellwether is heading. You are likely to see fewer hard products and more e-booklets as I polish the workshop handouts. I am likely to offer kits after having a workshop if extra materials are available -- including fiber, spindles, dyes or other materials and tools. I expect to continue being SpinOlution's Washington state dealer as well, as I enjoy their wheels and their product plans are very exciting!

And yes, as several people asked at the Whidbey Spin-In, I do plan to write more books on spinning - I've no firm plans for the next book yet, but have some favorite topics in mind.

Why the shift in direction? I'm taking a leaf from the writings of Wake Up Cloud, and following my bliss. This direction feels right; I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

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Unknown said...

Just a few days ago I was told I should also follow my bliss! I enjoy your blog and I am amazed by you. Be happy!

Henri said...

Glad to hear that I could inspire you to follow your passion, and good luck on your new direction. I'm sure it'll rock your socks off! ;)

Kathy... said...

As a very new spinner(and a relatively new reader) I am so jealous of those that were in your class last weekend. I correspond with one of them - and it sounds like it was a wonderful experience for everyone there. So, I for one would love the opportunity to tap into your spinning expertise. I look forward to whatever becomes available!

teabird said...

I just looked at "Wake up Cloud" - what a treasure! Thank you for pointing me in that direction.

Any chance (fingers crossed) that you'll be writing about inkle or tablet weaving? I'm heading in the direction of buying the loom and diving into yet another abyss!

teabird / Ravelry

Peg in South Carolina said...

I look forward to following your always interesting adventures. I checked the cloud blog and am tempted to subscribe, but I already read too many blogs....... I'm glad you find it encouraging.