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Workshops with AmeliaBefore the pandemic, you could find me teaching in my studio and at several local area yarn shops, shows and guilds. Currently, I am teaching via Zoom. I submit articles to magazines, write e-tutorials, and occasionally add to my blog.

Current studio offerings are on the Take a Workshop page. Information on upcoming events outside the studio are on the Ask The Bellwether Facebook Page. For a list of publications and venues, see the About page.

Studio workshops are $45/session/person, plus materials (BYOM options often available, just ask). A session is a half-day class, length varies based on number of participants from 2-3 hours. Minimum required signup is 4; maximum is 12. Workshops are one session unless noted otherwise. These are also available via Zoom (only via Zoom currently), with a 8 participant limit. With less than 4, private workshop fees apply.

Private workshop: in studio, via zoom, or at your home (travel cost additional) [during Covid all are via Zoom]. Tailored to your interests. $50/hour. With two participants it is $30/hour each, with three it is $20/hour each; with four or more workshop rates apply.

Workshop group rates $350 half-day, $700 full day, plus materials, travel and accommodation. There is usually a 2.5 day (5 session) limit, but if you would like a 5-day workshop, let me know; those are themed and cover a topic in depth. Group workshops limited to 12-20 participants depending on topic. If you are a wool festival or have established limits, I am happy to review your standard rates.

Presentation version of workshop (not hands-on) $100 plus travel [currently offering presentations via Zoom, no travel costs apply]. No participant limits.

Most workshops have been taught at area Wool Shows or to area Guilds. All workshops have been taught privately and in my workshop.

Workshops are either half or full days (3 or 6 hours) depending on the depth of the material and number of participants. Most of those listed here are geared to 3 hour or 6 hour versions. Length and content are adjustable to suit your group or venue. A workshop week would be organized around a central topic, with additional time for individual work.

Material fees are subject to change, and we can arrange BYOM with oversight of the coordinator to ensure all students have quality materials.

Here are the workshop titles. Contact me for more information on the workshops you are interested in. Descriptions for some of these workshops are available here.


  • Turn me on! Learn to spin on an e-spinner (half-day or full-day versions)
  • Get a grip! Power Spinning (half-day or full-day versions)
  • Learn to Spin on a Wheel, 2 sessions (can be two separate half-days or one full day).
  • Spin Control: getting the yarn you want, understanding wheel mechanics
  • Plying Basics (espinner or wheel): 2-ply, 3-ply, chain-ply
  • Ply In All Directions: A Spinner's Necklace (was Ply New Yarns)
  • Space-Dyed Six Pack of Yarns
  • Cotton on the Charka
  • Explore Yarn Finishes
  • Spin Super Sock Yarns (1-day/2-session workshop)
  • Spinning Slippery Fibers
  • Card and Spin Woolen
  • Comb and Spin Worsted
  • Card, Comb, Flick
  • Fleece to Yarn (Fleece selection, intro to Spin without fiber prep)
  • Spinning Fleece: Andean, Wolfspun, Tailspun, And then some!
  • Fast Draw -- Long Draw Spinning
  • Spinning Blends
  • Designing Blends
  • Super Singles, from thick to thin and then some
  • BouclĂ© and Beyond
  • Spinning Over the Edge -- Explore Textured Yarns
  • Drum Carding and Spinning Batts (1-day/2-session workshop)
  • Yarn Design
  • Combs, Combs, Combs


  • Spindle Plying: Fast & Fun!
  • The Everything Spindle: Turkish Spindling
  • Learn to Spindle
  • Productive Spindling
  • Cotton on the Tahkli
  • Exotic Fiber Spindling
  • Silk on Spindles
  • Cotton on the African Wedding Bead Spindle
  • Traveling with Turkish Spindles
  • Navajo Spindling
  • Russian and Tibetan Too (and Phang!)
  • Cotton on the Ahka
  • Support Spindles around the world (1 day/2 sessions)
  • Lap Spindles (Portuguese, French, and Iraqi)
  • Andean Spindling (bottom whorls, double drafting)
  • Woolen & Worsted on Spindles
  • Teaching Spindling
  • Spindle and Fiber
  • Long Draw on Spindles
  • Spindle Tricks

Fiber Prep:

  • Blending Boards: Stripes to Monet
  • Card and Spin Woolen
  • Comb and Spin Worsted
  • Card, Comb, Flick
  • Drum Carding A to Z
  • Fleece to Yarn (Fleece selection, cleaning, and spinning)
  • Blending on Drum Carders
  • Designing Blends
  • Combs, Combs, Combs


  • Efficient Weaving on the Rigid Heddle
  • Fantastic Fringes
  • Efficient Warp Winding
  • Magic Stripe Warp Winding
  • Speed Warp Table Looms
  • Learn to Weave on the Rigid Heddle
  • Magic Ikat on the Rigid Heddle
  • Magic Stripe on the Rigid Heddle
  • Weave a Bathmitt
  • Doubleweave on the Rigid Heddle
  • Plaid on the Rigid Heddle
  • Project Planning on the 4-harness Loom
  • Weave a Beret
  • Twill on the Rigid Heddle (2 heddles)
  • Lace on the Rigid Heddle (pickup sticks)
  • The Mighty Small Loom : zoom, weave-it, pin, potholder looms
  • Weaving on the Knitter’s Loom
  • Danish Weaving: a novel small loom scarf
  • The Inkle Loom

Sock Machines:

  • Sock Machine Cleaning
  • Sock Machine Basics
  • Sock Machine Fast Socks
  • Sock Machine Mittens
  • Sock Machine Lace
  • Knitting Seaming and Repair

Nalbinding (naalbinding, nalbindning, nalebinding)

  • The Nalbound Edge: Embellishments on Nalbound garments
  • Intoduction to Nalbinding: The Nalbound Amulet Pouch
  • Nalbinding sampler: The Nalbound Hat (1 day/2 sessions)
  • Nalbound Sock
  • Nalbound Mitten


  • Fantastic Fringes (for weavers, knitters, or crocheters)
  • Braided Wool Rug

Whew! As you can tell, I like variety. Feel free to suggest future topics.

For a list of fiber festivals and guilds where I have given workshops, and my published articles and books, see the About page.

I am happy to provide information on any of the workshops listed above.