Meme: How do You Use Color?

Kristi, the Fiber Fool has a terrific color series ... starting with a Meme to get you thinking about how you use colors.

So, here's me thinking about how I use colors ...

1. What is your current favorite color? Purple. Or Green. Definitely one of those...
Candystripe Handspun Yarn

2. Had your favorite color changed over the years? Just flips between those two, mainly. Though I've had seasons/urges toward flame colors, marine colors... those have been temporary flings.

3. Is your current favorite color one that is currently trendy? Hmmm. I can usually find a purple or a green in most clothes, though I've noticed lately that Burgundy, Black, and Cream are popular -- leaving me without a purple or a green to pick from!

A one-bite yarn cake4. What is your favorite color combination? You guess ;-) yep! purple and green together. Irises do it, so I can too!

5. Is that combination a popular one? ummm ... no.

6. What is your favorite way of using color in your knitting? multicolor yarn to start with -- I'll dye self-patterning yarns for socks, hats, etc. Or spin space-dyed roving for color effects. I am not hugely comfortable with fair isle knitting, and not a fan of intarsia, so I tend to look for slip-stitch patterns for color work.

7. What colors look good on you? Black. Green. A hint of purple. Peach.

8. What colors look bad on you? Red. Brown (it washes me out). White -- because it gets dirt on it, like, immediately!.

9. Do you wear colors that don’t look good on you just because you like them? Well, I wear Brown -- but when I want to blend into the background. Camoflauge can be useful ;-)

10. What is your favorite neutral color? A soft caramel tan -- Shetland's mioget is always a favorite

11. Is there a sweater pattern that uses more than one color that you’d like to make, but you wish to change the colors from what is published? I often change the colors used in a pattern -- autumn hues to purples, for example. There is, actually, a sweater I'd love to make -- the Bohus Large Lace Collar Jacket (fourth from the bottom). But not with the black main color! A nice forest green, maybe. It's just that I'm not comfortable picking the replacement colors myself. I know, it's fair isle -- but for Bohus, I'd do it!

Kristi's color series starts with her Introduction, her own answers to the Meme, and then gets into the meat of color:
Part I: Hue and the Color Wheel
Part II: Color Descriptors I
Part III: Color Descriptors II

So, join the Meme, post your answers, read the color study, and ponder ... as my friend and color artist Renne says, What Hue are You?


See the Color tag for a list of Ask The Bellwether posts on Color. See EyeCandy for posts with pretty pictures, and even more on my Flickr account!

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