What do you teach in The Nalbound Edge?

Nalbound Edge on sweaterBy Amelia

The Nalbound Edge is a gentle introduction to Nalbinding, with a fun embellishment technique found on a woven blouse in Skrydstrup, Denmark, dated to 1300-1500BC, and easy for you to learn to edge your own handmade garment, or to spice-up a plain purchased sweater like mine shown here.

This class is being taught at Madrona Fiber Arts Festival, February 2009 and at the NwRSA Conference, June 2009.

Nalbinding has been used since before knitting and crochet to make and embellish garments, and is still in use in Nordic countries. Use this great technique to edge and embellish a garment! Terrific for sweaters, mittens, fingerless gloves and more! Nalbinding creates a cabled edge, done for a few rows on a simple edge or for more layers for a tall neckband. You'll walk away with knowledge of the history of nalbinding and a new skill you can do with yarn you already have.

Beginner -- no experience needed

Materials fee $10 includes yarn, knit piece to edge, and handouts

Participants bring: blunt yarn needle, scissors

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